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DHS Dynamic Hosts


1. What is the Dynamic DNS Project?

The Dynamic DNS project allows people who use dialup modems or whose IP Address changes frequently to still have a hostname point to their machine and operate their own server at very little expense.

2. I updated my hostname but the update did not seem to work, why?

DNS servers will cache old records until they expire. Please allow 10 minutes for the changes to propagate completely before trying again. Many browsers, including Netscape and Internet Exploder, cache domain name IP lookups. So you may have to restart your browser if the IP Address changes during a browser session.

3. What is a Mail Exchanger?

See the Static Host FAQ for details.

4. Can I point to a dynamic hostname?

While pointing a CNAME record to the hostname will allow this to work it is against the DHS TOS to do so as we provide this service for free. It will also not work when you place the host into offline mode. If you wish to do such a thing please contact a commercial DynDNS provider and they will be able to assist you. If however you are a non-profit organization you may contact us and we will negotiate with you for such a service.

5. Do you have any programs that can automatically do the updates for me?

While DHS does not actually program clients, many people have volunteered and written programs that can do this job. DHS maintains a list of clients which is available here.

6. What is online mode?

When your host is marked in online mode it means that the hostname will point to the IP Address that you set.

7. What is update MX mode?

When you perform this function the only thing that will change is the MX record you have set.

8. What is offline mode?

When you set the hostname into offline mode the host will be redirected using DHS's AtHome service to another site of your choosing.

9. What is disabled mode?

When you set your hostname to this the hostname will be removed from the Internet so that no one can connect to it at all.