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DHS International Free Services are run completely by volunteers who give up their own free time to help run the service and keep it free for the Internet community to use.

Executive Body: The executive body is overall in charge of DHS and deals with issues that effect the direction of the organization.

Darryl Lynch (Australia) Darryl is the CEO and looks after issues such as sponsorship and advertising as well as helping with many other areas. When we can pin him down!
Matthew Enger (Australia) Matthew is in charge of programming and making sure they the system keeps on running and helps technical support with problems that they encounter.

Abuse team: The DHS abuse team is responsible for enforcing the Terms of Service and dealing with any complaints that are received. 

Darryl Lynch (Australia) Darryl is in charge of the Abuse team and plays a management role as well as assisting in dealing with a fair number of the complaints that are received.
<TEAM MEMBERS> These people assist Dassa with dealing with cases that are received.

Technical Support Team: The DHS Technical Support team responds to members questions and also deals with any problems that members encounter while using the system.

Darryl Lynch (Australia) Darryl helps organize the Support team and helps with answering questions which the team members have difficulty with.
<TEAM MEMBERS> The team members help DHS members with problems ranging from how to create a host to lost passwords.